World War II


How did the Great Depression affect political life in Germany and Japan? What were the issues that led to World War II? What role should the United States play in foreign affairs? These are our essential questions as we explore World War II in grade 8 social studies. Click on “more” to see details of the assignments that we have completed in class.


All of the assignments listed below should be in your current table of contents for your binder. The order for your assignments may change, however everything should be included. For example, you may choose to put the newest assignments in the back or the front-as long as you have a copy of the assignment.

  • “Fascism Is” and 6 characteristics of fascism  notes
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Understanding Fascism worksheet
  • Dictatorship, Inflation, Democracy notebook definitions
  • The Spanish Civil War reading/worksheet
  • Compare/Contrast Imagery and Symbolism entrance task
  • Chapter 26 Notes
  • Hitler’s Stranglehold on Germany Entrance Task
  • Key Causes of WWII Entrance Task
  • Photo Analysis Worksheet on Soviet Photographs
  • Inquiry Questions for Holocaust posters
  • Chapter 27 Notes
  • Industrial Expansion (in Japan)
  • Emperor of Heaven, Working Class Success Story, A Survivor Story (readings)
  • “Do the ends justify the means?” worksheet
  • Inquiry Assessment
  • Onset of WWII Atlas Work : Page 84/85, Page 84/85 Worksheet
  • Contrast Isolationists and Interventionists entrance task
  • Dr. Seuss Cartoons entrance tasks
  • Four Freedoms primary source reading
  • Chapter 33 Notes
  • Chapter 36 Notes
  • Chapter 37 Notes
  • Chapter 42 Notes
  • Section 5: Effects of the War (complete the chart and questions 1+2)
  • World War 2 Test Use this as a study guide! It will change slightly on the final copy.

Tier 2 Readings


Crash Course World History

Crash Course US History, parts 1 and 2

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