U.S. History – Week 9


The word of the week is perspective! This week we will continue to focus on our introductory question, “How does starting the story of the United States with the Pilgrims affect our perception of history and our actions in the present?”

We will begin to distill the information that we have learned about the early settlements of the United States, and we will hone our discussion skills while employing and practicing critical analysis.

The content focus of our week is to complete chapter 3 and begin preparing for our study of the French and Indian War.

Check back early and often for updates as the week progresses!

The Game Plan



  • Timeline assignment is due on Friday! Click here for an extra copy.
  • Make sure to check powerschool, if you have not shown me your Massacre at Mystic viewing guide, you probably did not receive credit.
  • If you did not receive credit on your self assessment, you may not have put your name on it. Please read last week’s blog for the link to re-submit your self assessment. Then e-mail me at desmaraisc@harwood.org to ensure that you receive credit.
  • This is an EXACT COPY of the quiz which we are doing on Friday. We discussed the layout and the point totals, we even reviewed the answers for some of these….

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