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The Great War


World War, originally referred to as, “The Great War” or “the War to end all Wars,” is an interesting study for a number of reasons. World War one is the first major war of the 20th century. It brings in the widespread use of modern technological weapons such as the machine gun, the airplane, the tank and poison gas. In addition, it begins an era of international politics which pits the importance of both ethnic and linguistic divisions against the forces of nationalism, and empire. Many historians argue that the first world war represents a transition from the innocence of an earlier age, where war is viewed as heroic and courageous, to a more realistic perspective that tells the true nature of such a complex phenomena as war. The end result is a world not only with a dramatically re-drawn political map, but a new era of modern global conflicts. Click “more” to see details about this unit, or click on the graphic organizer to see the flow of the unit. (more…)

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