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Social Studies Week 4


How will we get the history background we need to begin discussing World War I? What big world events were happening during each presidency? Why do historians love timelines? This week, we begin the timeline project to find out! The plan is to finish off our “my maps” on google maps and begin the timeline project by mid-week. Your My Map is due on Wednesday. Remember that your shared map auto-updates so your grade will reflect whatever work is completed as of that day. Click here for a Grading Checklist

┬áto see how you will be assessed. Remember, as always, e-mail me, record a voice-mail(click on the right) me or see me after class if you have any questions. (more…)

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U.S. History – Week 19


This is the last full week of the semester! Unfortunately, my time with the class is coming to an end, however the good news is that Mr. Henchen will be back soon! Next week are our midterms and semester two begins on January 22. This week’s focus will be on some of motivating factors and conflicts arising from America’s expansion westward.


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U.S. History – Week 17


The plan this week is to finish up our thematic study of the framework of the government. We will continue our study of the supreme court and some of the “landmark cases” that historians discuss. The week will wrap up with some interest driven inquiries into remaining aspects of our central government in the United States

The Game Plan


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