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Social Studies Week 5


The plan this week is to finish up our timeline project. It is due on Thursday, however Wednesday will be the final work day in class. You will need to compile your research resources as you gather information, because we will be making bibliographies in class using easybib.com.


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Social Studies Week 4


How will we get the history background we need to begin discussing World War I? What big world events were happening during each presidency? Why do historians love timelines? This week, we begin the timeline project to find out! The plan is to finish off our “my maps” on google maps and begin the timeline project by mid-week. Your My Map is due on Wednesday. Remember that your shared map auto-updates so your grade will reflect whatever work is completed as of that day. Click here for a Grading Checklist to see how you will be assessed. Remember, as always, e-mail me, record a voice-mail(click on the right) me or see me after class if you have any questions. (more…)

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