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Booms and Busts


As the first world war comes to a close, the nations of the world have a variety of issues and conflicts to confront. Social unrest becomes the new norm in much of war-torn Europe while the United States is able to avoid most of the complications of the post-war years. Revolution dramatically alters Europe as two global superpowers emerge. As most Americans experience the frantic pace of change of the “roaring twenties,” others find it difficult just to get by. America’s post-war prosperity is unfortunately not able to last.


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U.S. History – Week 12


This week, we continue to analyze and discuss conflicting perspectives on the American Revolution. We’ll finish up talking about propaganda and the Loyalists, discuss the economic factors behind revolution and continue to work on our timelines. The summative assessment for this unit will be a short writing activity which will ask you to choose for your inspiration, one perspective on the revolution. Please check back soon for updates!

Game Plan

  • Continue to Discuss Propaganda
  • The Economic factors of Revolution
  • Work on our Timeline (for the Revolution)
  • Comparison of Constitutions


  • Stations Activity Nov. 15/16

Stations Videos

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CSC – Week 9


Where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we going to get there? 

This is it! Ishmael…. We will be tackling some of the biggest and most long-standing philosophical questions of our species. We’re going to encounter different opinions of what is happening on our planet and we will begin to dissect the ideas of the book, the author, and our class.

We will be using cooperative notes and a “red light, green light” strategy in order to stay on the same page, ensure that we are all contributing to our overall understanding of the book, and collect and maintain ideas and questions that will follow us through our study of creating sustainable communities.


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