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World War II


How did the Great Depression affect political life in Germany and Japan? What were the issues that led to World War II? What role should the United States play in foreign affairs? These are our essential questions as we explore World War II in grade 8 social studies. Click on “more” to see details of the assignments that we have completed in class.


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U.S. History – Week 12


This week, we continue to analyze and discuss conflicting perspectives on the American Revolution. We’ll finish up talking about propaganda and the Loyalists, discuss the economic factors behind revolution and continue to work on our timelines. The summative assessment for this unit will be a short writing activity which will ask you to choose for your inspiration, one perspective on the revolution. Please check back soon for updates!

Game Plan

  • Continue to Discuss Propaganda
  • The Economic factors of Revolution
  • Work on our Timeline (for the Revolution)
  • Comparison of Constitutions


  • Stations Activity Nov. 15/16

Stations Videos

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U.S. History – Week 11


Our focus this week in US History is “the road to revolution.” We’ll take a look at a few of the events that historians usually point to when they are attempting to explain the causes of the American Revolution.




Two of the Essential Questions that we will seek to answer during this unit include:

How did events from our twelve categories of issues contribute towards the distinct identity and independence of the United States prior to the revolution?

How do the commonly discussed “causes” of the American revolution affect
our perspective of history and our approach to present day events?


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