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Language Arts Week 9



This week, we continue reading War Horse. We start the week on Chapter 3! Check back frequently for handouts and learning strategies that you have missed or misplaced. Also, remember to study for Vocab List 4 for the quiz on Friday! Schedule re-takes if you need to bring up your grade! Also, remember to come see me during learning opportunities if you need help.


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U.S. History – Week 12


This week, we continue to analyze and discuss conflicting perspectives on the American Revolution. We’ll finish up talking about propaganda and the Loyalists, discuss the economic factors behind revolution and continue to work on our timelines. The summative assessment for this unit will be a short writing activity which will ask you to choose for your inspiration, one perspective on the revolution. Please check back soon for updates!

Game Plan

  • Continue to Discuss Propaganda
  • The Economic factors of Revolution
  • Work on our Timeline (for the Revolution)
  • Comparison of Constitutions


  • Stations Activity Nov. 15/16

Stations Videos

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U.S. History – Week 9


The word of the week is perspective! This week we will continue to focus on our introductory question, “How does starting the story of the United States with the Pilgrims affect our perception of history and our actions in the present?”

We will begin to distill the information that we have learned about the early settlements of the United States, and we will hone our discussion skills while employing and practicing critical analysis.

The content focus of our week is to complete chapter 3 and begin preparing for our study of the French and Indian War.

Check back early and often for updates as the week progresses!


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