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C.S.C. – Mid-Term Portfolios


As you know from our work last week, the mid-term project is a portfolio which demonstrates our learning from semester 1. In addition to the work you have collected(component 1) and the reflections that you have written (component 2), there is a “game-day assignment” (component 3) which should add to the overall presentation and wholeness of your portfolio. Just a reminder, the game-day assignment is the only piece that needs to be done on the day of the exam. Component 1 and 2 should be complete before coming to the mid-term exam period, however as they are a larger portion of your grade, you are free to continue work on component 1 and 2 during the exam session. Check out the portfolio project for more details. The assignment sheet outlines the requirements for your portfolio as well as how your portfolio will be assessed.

Mid-Term Portfolio Project

Should you choose option E…

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C.S.C. – Week 17


Here we go folks. One week till winter vacation and we will be wrapping up our energy case studies. At this point in the current case study, your group should be done the with the background (history of energy use in the United States), the issues/conflicts (largely peak oil and exponential energy use), and should have started working on the challenges for the future. We will review existing plans to mitigate energy conflicts and begin crafting action plans this week. Each group’s plan may look a little different, as each of you have chosen to focus on a different element of our current global energy crisis. In crafting your action plan, remember to make specific references to the proposed or attempted solutions. Weigh in on the benefits and limiting factors to these ideas and discuss specifically what your group recommends and why you recommend this.





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C.S.C. – Week 16


This week we begin our second round of case studies! We will talk about how humans use energy, though our discussions will mostly revolve around one of the biggest controversies of our time, “peak oil.” What is peak oil? Is it a myth? How much energy do we really use, and what is the most sustainable way to plan for our energy future?





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C.S.C. – Week 10

Overview-Are we in free fall?

We are continuing our reading of Ishmael this week. As we listen to the audiobook, we will continue to discuss some of the big ideas of the novel, as well as taking notes as a group. Please look below our class’s updated notes on google docs.

The Novel’s Big Question So Far: Are we captives of a system that forces us to destroy our world just to get by?


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