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Real World Reading

new_york_times_d_dayIt seems like we have been working in literature circles for half the year! As we move past working in small groups towards tackling fiction, the class will now be working through individualized interest driven non-fiction. Students will self select pieces based on topics that they want to read about and discuss. Check out the current events suggestions on the social studies page if you need to find something to read for class. Remember, the paragraph assignment is due following your readings each class!

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Language Arts Week 2


We are going to jump back into writing for non-fiction this week with a writing activity about our communities and neighborhoods. We will be using information that we gather and brainstorm in social studies in order to write our first non-fiction paragraph of the year. This will serve as our “pre-test” of sorts for writing, as well as act as a review of the writing “non-negotiables” and the paragraph diagram. (more…)

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