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Happy Summer!

Enjoy your vacation!

Plant a garden. Read something interesting. Find new places. Climb a tree. Play in the streets. Go into the woods. Swim in a river. Run through the fields. Climb a mountain. TURN OFF YOUR DEVICES. Ignore facebook. Smash your television. Write something about anything. Hug your parents. Thank someone. Learn to sew. Meet people. Do something new. Experience life in the world.

And by all means, write Mr. D. an e-mail and tell him all about it!




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U.S. History – Mid-Term Mini-Lessons


As you know from our work last week, the mid-term project is to find at least one primary source and secondary sources to research a topic in U.S. history. You will be asked to share your findings with the class in a short mini-lesson including at least two perspectives on your topic and a short explanation of the importance of your topic to understanding the United States or “What it means to be an American.” Check below for further details on the mid-term mini-lessons.

Mid-Term Mini-Lessons

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