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Social Studies Week 5


The plan this week is to finish up our timeline project. It is due on Thursday, however Wednesday will be the final work day in class. You will need to compile your research resources as you gather information, because we will be making bibliographies in class usingĀ easybib.com.


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U.S. History – Mid-Term Mini-Lessons


As you know from our work last week, the mid-term project is to find at least one primary source and secondary sources to research a topic in U.S. history. You will be asked to share your findings with the class in a short mini-lesson including at least two perspectives on your topic and a short explanation of the importance of your topic to understanding the United States or “What it means to be an American.” Check below for further details on the mid-term mini-lessons.

Mid-Term Mini-Lessons

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C.S.C. – Week 16


This week we begin our second round of case studies! We will talk about how humans use energy, though our discussions will mostly revolve around one of the biggest controversies of our time, “peak oil.” What is peak oil? Is it a myth? How much energy do we really use, and what is the most sustainable way to plan for our energy future?





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