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World War II


How did the Great Depression affect political life in Germany and Japan? What were the issues that led to World War II? What role should the United States play in foreign affairs? These are our essential questions as we explore World War II in grade 8 social studies. Click on “more” to see details of the assignments that we have completed in class.


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Social Studies Week 8/9


This week we will talk about all of the parties that come together to commit acts of history. How do we “do history?” We continue to discuss the question, “how does perspective affect how history is written, studied and interpreted?” We then begin our review of the American revolution and get into our timeline review. Keep checking back as we approach our studies of America’s involvement in global conflicts, and make sure to visit frequently if you are looking for the daily resources we use in class.


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Guns, Germs, and Steel: Understanding Global Inequality

“Why do some nations have so much material wealth while so many others have so little?” This question framed the thesis for Jared Diamond’s book Guns, Germs, and Steel.  After discussing a time in global history when all societies were roughly equal (over 13,000 years ago), Diamond discusses key variables that led to highly complex, material-rich societies, while others developed at much slower rates.


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