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Community Asset Maps


This week we will begin tolearn about sociology with our Neighborhood Map project. We will start the week by discussing what community assets are and where we find them in our neighborhoods. Our discussion of community assets will culminate in creating a “my map”-using the google map program-which will outline things that we find valuable in our towns and neighborhoods.


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Language Arts Week 5


Our first Achieve 3000 article (its anthropology themed), a paragraph for science, and a paragraph for physical education. This week is all about making connections across the curriculum. Make sure you see me during learning opportunities if you need assistance with any of this week’s assignments and do not forgot, Wednesday is our very first vocabulary quiz!

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C.S.C. – Week 14


Welcome back folks! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. This week in C.S.C. we are going to finish our asset maps and reflections, and share some of the community assets that we believe are vital to a sustainable community. We will conclude the week by introducing our case study portfolio assignment. We will begin with “food,” a case study that intersects all levels of community, and frankly an issue that is impossible to avoid as a human living in communities. Check back soon for details and downloads.


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CSC – Week 9


Where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we going to get there? 

This is it! Ishmael…. We will be tackling some of the biggest and most long-standing philosophical questions of our species. We’re going to encounter different opinions of what is happening on our planet and we will begin to dissect the ideas of the book, the author, and our class.

We will be using cooperative notes and a “red light, green light” strategy in order to stay on the same page, ensure that we are all contributing to our overall understanding of the book, and collect and maintain ideas and questions that will follow us through our study of creating sustainable communities.


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CSC – Week Eight


Greetings folks! Mr. Des Marais here. This will be my first full week with you all and I am excited to get to know you and begin working on some of the substantial issues that our course tackles.

This week we will be wrapping up our introduction on global inequality and beginning our reading of Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. The book leans heavily towards the abstract and covers wide brush strokes of what it is to be human in a community. As a result, we will be tackling this task as a group. We will utilize the skills of our group as well as our discussion skills, critical thinking skills and note-making skills in order to fully tackle the underlying themes and big picture questions that the book presents.

 The Game Plan

  • ZOOM- An activity on Perpsective
  • Wrap up Guns, Germs and Steel with a discussion on Global Inequality
  • Global Inequality Assessment (See EDU2.0)



As promised, Mr. Henchen’s powerpoint summary of Jared Diamond’s thesis in Guns, Germs and Steel.

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