Social Studies Week 8/9


This week we will talk about all of the parties that come together to commit acts of history. How do we “do history?” We continue to discuss the question, “how does perspective affect how history is written, studied and interpreted?” We then begin our review of the American revolution and get into our timeline review. Keep checking back as we approach our studies of America’s involvement in global conflicts, and make sure to visit frequently if you are looking for the daily resources we use in class.

The Details Week 8

  • Planning your defense with your trial of Christopher Columbus groups
  • Beginning American Revolution notes
  • Midwestern states quiz
  • Chapter 3, Section 3  Reading from 10.17
  • The Trial Role play

The Details Week 2


Crash Course in World History on the American Revolution

MC LaLa Video on Patriots vs. Loyalists

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Hi, my name is Cliff Des Marais and I teach 7th and 8th grade Social Studies at Bellows Falls Middle School in Bellows Falls, VT.
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