Causes of the Civil War


How do economic, social and cultural factors lead to civil wars? How do the issues of the American Civil War continue to affect our country today? These are the essential questions that we will seek to understand as we begin our investigation into the causes of the Civil War.


All of the assignments listed below should be in your current table of contents for your binder. The order for your assignments may change, however everything should be included. For example, you may choose to put the newest assignments in the back or the front-as long as you have a copy of the assignment.

  • Primary/secondary source study guide
  • Civil War Vocab Sheet
  • “Wolf by the Ears” reading
  • Back to the Constitutional Convention worksheet
  • Primary/secondary source quiz
  • Inhumane and unjust reading
  • “Breaking the Chains” readings
  • Civil War vocabulary practice
  • “Ain’t I a Woman?” reading and Women Warriors worksheet
  • Rights of Woman reading
  • Notes from Sections 1-4 Jigsaw Readings

Potential future/past details

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