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Causes of the Civil War


How do economic, social and cultural factors lead to civil wars? How do the issues of the American Civil War continue to affect our country today? These are the essential questions that we will seek to understand as we begin our investigation into the causes of the Civil War. (more…)

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Human Rights


What is a natural right? How has the protection of rights changed over time? What rights are protected by our Constitution, and what are the limits of our rights? We will ask these questions in this unit as we explore the Bill of Rights, the concept of human rights in general, and as we introduce the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human rights. Click more to see some details of this unit.


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American Government


In this unit, we begin our discussion of the framework of American Government. Part history and part political science, in this unit we’ll discuss the historic forces that shaped our federal government as well as how our government works.



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Virtue, Mirror Neurons, and the Social Contract

mirrorbrainGreetings folks,

Thanks for checking in. If this is your first time here, welcome to the blog. In these posts you can find quick updates regarding what we are currently studying in 7th grade social studies. For our first unit of study we have been focusing on virtue, integrity, and the social contract. In this unit we will begin to discuss and construct our 7th grade team’s social contract. A Social Contract is “an agreement between the members of a group where each person  identifies the duties and responsibilities of the people involved.” In order to help us succeed in our goals this year, we will work towards consensus in creating the agreement that we use to govern our 7th grade team. Enjoy our transition back into academics and don’t forget to bring your family to open house on Wednesday, October 28.


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Happy Summer!

Enjoy your vacation!

Plant a garden. Read something interesting. Find new places. Climb a tree. Play in the streets. Go into the woods. Swim in a river. Run through the fields. Climb a mountain. TURN OFF YOUR DEVICES. Ignore facebook. Smash your television. Write something about anything. Hug your parents. Thank someone. Learn to sew. Meet people. Do something new. Experience life in the world.

And by all means, write Mr. D. an e-mail and tell him all about it!




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