Bomb: Robert Sheinkin


Currently in E.L.A. we are reading Robert Sheinkin’s Bomb. Check back soon to stay updated on our recently completed journal prompts for chapters in the book. See below for details.


Week 1

  • Instagram Prompt
  • Character Explanation Prompt
  • Compare and Contrast Character Prompt
  • Dialogue Prompt

Week 2

  • Disappear Prompt
  • The Gadget Prompt
  • Lab #2 Prompt

Week 3

  • Kidnapping Heisenberg
  • Secret Cities
  • Swiss Deal
  • Truman Vs. Stimson

Week 4

  • Test Shot: Breaking News
  • Reactions to Hiroshima
  • Alternative Realities
  • Fallout: Will you Confess?

Check it out for a preview!

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Hi, my name is Cliff Des Marais and I teach 7th and 8th grade Social Studies at Bellows Falls Middle School in Bellows Falls, VT.
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